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He’s in deep focus out there…

30 May 2013


I’ve said before (and in this week’s Men in Gorilla Suits podcast) that I microfocus. I do it enough that, even though that’s not a real word, my iPhone autocorrects to it now.

Most of the time, microfocusing is a strength. It helps me get stuff done, as I tend to focus on what I’m working on to the exclusion of most everything. I ignore meals, sleep, and proper hydration when I’m in the microfocus zone.

It can also be a weakness, though. If someone says something that strikes me as odd, I can almost shut down completely while I try to figure out what that person meant (just ask my poor wife). If I get a wild hair to learn about something, I can easily dump several hours down the Wikipedia rabbit hole.

Microfocusing can also send my brain into repeat loops. You know how you can get a song stuck in your head? For me, it’s like that with random pieces of information. They just spin around up there, wasting brain cycles I could use for any of a hundred more productive tasks.

I’m hoping to get my brain to cool out next week on vacation, really.

What behaviors do you have that are equal parts strength and weakness? How do you mitigate, or use them to your best advantage?

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