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(Planned) Thrills! (Painful) Spills! (Simulated) Drama!

29 January 2013

Recently, my pal Christopher admitted that his gateway into things geek and fanboyish was pro wrestling. We were recording an episode of our podcast (what, you didn’t know I did a podcast?) and discussing early geek influences, and wrestling came up.

I remember wrestling from the 80s, and how huge it was towards the end of that decade. And I have more than one friend who’s still way into wrestling, but I haven’t had much experience with the sport in the modern era. And yeah, I do consider it a sport — if we’re still calling cycling a sport, pro wrestling definitely counts. Apparently, me tuning out of wrestling was my loss.

Last night at the gym, one of the TVs was set to Monday Night Raw, and there were a bunch of dudes gathered around it. I commandeered a stationary bike and decided to tune in and see what everyone was so interested in. And you know what? I get it now. Pro wrestling is pretty great, and damned entertaining. Sure, I couldn’t watch it all the time, but every once in a while? Sure.

More interesting, though, are some of the wrestlers working today. They’re geeks! Take CM Punk, who, while he plays a heel, is by all accounts a nice guy… and a huge geek, which I learned from his appearance on the Nerdist podcast. Chris Jericho? Funny, smart, and nerdy on the same podcast.

So how did I miss out on wrestling until now? No clue. But it’s something I’m glad to rediscover.

How about you, folks? What was something you’d written off that you’ve since rediscovered?

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  1. 29 January 2013 1106

    I’ll go a few years without watching professional wrestling and then get hooked for a year. Go away for a few years, and come back. Saturday afternoons when I want to kill time, it’s Univision for lucha libre wrestling. On rare occasion when there’s a local promotion going on in the area, I’ll watch it live.

    Since I’m not currently in the “Must. Watch. Wrestling!” mode, it’s comic books for me. Not that I wrote them off, but it got too expensive to keep reading so many books. Lately, I’ve been checking out some webpages featuring ongoing stories that are ultimately collected.

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