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Meanwhile, at the Hall of Justice…

28 January 2013


Before I had any exposure to comic books, there was Superfriends. And, somehow, I still managed to come out of that experience liking superheroes.

I don’t think I started buying comics until 1991 or so, when I was 13. Comics were just hitting the 90s resurgence, and as someone new to the format, I went with what I knew — Batman (from the 1960s Adam West show that’s on in perpetual reruns and the 1989 film), Superman (from the 1978 movie), and maybe a little Spider-Man here and there (from the Saturday morning Spider-Man and Friends Hour). I got hooked, as most people do. And that made me seek out other forms of superhero entertainment.

I rented the live-action Spider-Man movie The Chinese Web. Even as an idiot teenager, I recognized how awful and low-budget that “movie” was. I watched Tim Burton’s Batman a couple thousand times. I watched The Incredible Hulk in reruns, and apart from awful fashion choices, that show kept my interest from fading completely. By the time the admittedly decent X-Men cartoon came on in high school, though, I was on my way out of my initial comics phase.

Warning: this will sound like a you kids today have it so good rant, but it’s really not.

The problem — when I was growing up, TV and movies were different than they are today. If something looked popular, they’d make a show or a movie as cheaply as humanly possible to try and squeeze some money out of the property. These shows and movies didn’t seem like they were made by people who gave a shit about the characters or the storylines — they were hired to do a job, and that job was to separate dumbass kids from their parents’ money. Case in point:


I might be unfairly harsh on these early superhero films, but when I go back and watch them now, there’s a definite feeling of “who gives a shit, they’re for kids, and kids are stupid.” Thing is, I was a stupid kid, and even I could call BS on these things. Nowadays, I’m just happy that fans, and people who seem to want to make quality films, are in charge of the superhero properties. It makes me want to find a local comics store again and start putting in a weekly pull list.

What’s the worst attempt at a superhero movie you’ve ever seen? What stands out in your mind as the best superhero film of all time?

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  1. 28 January 2013 0649

    Worst = It’s still early, so I might change my mind later. Superman IV was bad. I didn’t see it, but Barb Wire…heard it’s terrible. Condorman…saw that with my own eyes; terrible. The Shadow disappointed me like few other “superhero” movies. (Quotes ’cause the Shadow isn’t necessarily a superhero. But man, I want a great Shadow movie!) I have yet to summon my geek love for Daredevil and watch Ben Affleck

    Best superhero movie is tough. Not that it’s best, but I had a blast watching X-Men 2. I geeked out on Thor more than I thought I would, even with the romantic storyline stuff. I DO think the win goes to The Avengers, even though I’m not the fan of it that many people I know are. Just seeing the effort Marvel put into all these individual films so they could make this massive romp of a superhero flick…it’s quite impressive. Some guy named Christopher Nolan made some Batman films that are mighty impressive. Hell, I even liked the third Spider-Man flick, and REALLY loved the first two. Then there are things that fall through the cracks: Rocketeer and The Incredibles.

    And just ’cause: Hellboy! I friggin’ love even the second Hellboy movie! And while Kick-Ass gets ridiculous at the end, I was surprised by how much I loved it.

    Now, how about Best WORST Superhero Movie? (The movie you like that everyone else hates.) For me, the first Ghostrider. CHEESE FEST, sure…terrible villain be damned…Nick Cage over the top…I STILL love that stupid movie. People say, “It’s terrible!” And…it is–quite so, in fact. But these people apparently never looked at an old Ghostrider comic book. Nick Cage playing The Carpenters to keep demons at bay alone gets credit for me!

    And since we did best worst…how about worst BEST superhero movie? (The movie people love that you don’t.) It’s not that I didn’t enjoy it, but I didn’t see the big deal with Iron Man 2. Still enjoyed aspects of it, but I didn’t leave the theater as excited as those around me.

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