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Furniture Sales and Closed Banks

16 February 2012

Roosevelt is considering forming his own, manlier mountain.

Right now, I’m staring down the barrel of a three-day weekend, thanks to a holiday that has no real traditions… well, apart from every furniture retailer using it as an excuse to stick you with an ugly couch for a slightly discounted price. Yeah, it’s President’s Day on Monday, and I have the day off from work.

I love the day before a three-day weekend almost more than I end up liking the weekend itself. There’s just so much possibility in a three-day weekend — I start thinking of all of the stuff I can get done, all of the nights I can stay up late and make up stories, put characters of my own making into awful situations and watch as they try to squirm their way back out. And I always end up getting more sleep on days off, which is a good thing.

Still, part of me is very tired lately, and is now currently lobbying the rest of me to actually take the weekend off. The problem is, though — and I realized this last night — I don’t know how to take time off from writing anymore. I didn’t blog yesterday, and I didn’t update the Twitter Novel Project (owing to a massive headache that started around midnight and finally started to disperse around six), but I still got some writing done. On a day that I was planning to just take off.

I suppose that’s a sign that I’m doing the right thing with my life — if even when I’m exhausted and not feeling well, it’s something I still want to do. And I know I’m lucky to have found something that I enjoy doing that much. Still, though… so very tired.

So, do any of you actually have President’s Day traditions? I’ve never actually met anyone who did, so if anyone out there does, feel free to share. Also, any day-off traditions? Anything you just feel the compulsion to do on a day you’re not working?

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  1. 16 February 2012 0916

    My President’s Day tradition is dressing up as Lincoln and running around town with fistfuls of fivers to see what odd things people will do for five dollars.

    Okay, not really, but I now think I’ve found my tradition.

    Like you, I will catch up on some sleep and write. Knock around and be thankful that while I may have been working a lot of overtime that we work for a place that gives us time off for things like President’s Day and Columbus Day.

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