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A night off, sort of.

1 March 2011

So, last night after my wife went to bed, I sat down to get to work, only to have this conversation with myself.

“OK, self, let’s get to work. Tweet_Book –”

Is on hiatus. Nothing needs doing there.

“Oh, right. 47 Echo sequel, then –”

Sent off to the Beta readers. You’re waiting for feedback.

“Of course, of course. Um. . . I guess I could work on starting 47 Echo 3. . .”

Shouldn’t you wait until #2 is wrapped up?

“I suppose you’re right. Well, there’s Blunt Force Trauma to work on. . .”

But then you’ll get out of the Echo mode. Which you’ll need to jump back into in a week anyway.

You get the idea. After conversing with myself for a while, the only thing I needed to do was finish up a promised beta read for a friend, which I was mostly done with anyway. I finished that up, watched some Spartacus: Blood and Sand on Netflix, and went to bed. I’m not sure, but I think I took a night off. If I did, it would be the first one in more than two years.

So, what do you folks do with a night off? I might have another one tonight, and I need to be prepared. 🙂

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