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Brother from (the same) mother

23 November 2010

So, today’s not so much about writing, but about reading — and it’s more of a personal story than a poll or a question.

It’s pretty safe to say you wouldn’t be reading this, a blog tied to a military sci-fi book, if it hadn’t been for my brother Brian. That’s because the book probably would never have been written, for a two-fold reason.

The first is pretty obvious if you know him. Whenever I need to know specs about something military — aircraft especially — I could look up all the info online, check into some reference books, and do the research the hard way, or I could just ask Brian. More than once, I’ve called him the “aircraft Wikipedia,” but that’s not entirely accurate. His info is actually better than theirs. Once, I texted him about the Russian Air Force equivalent to a C-130. He got back to me instantly, not only letting me know what plane was roughly the same size and power, but that the Russians really don’t use those types of planes for the same reason we do, and especially not for the reason I was asking. Wikipedia couldn’t have told me that.

The other reason goes way, way back. My parents taught both of us to read rather early — we were both entirely literate before preschool. But my love of fiction, of reading real, actual books, came from my brother. Any guy with an older brother instinctively looks up to him when he’s young, and wants to be just like him. My brother has been reading books since I can remember, so, of course, to be just like him, I started reading them, too. If he hadn’t gotten me started on reading, hadn’t handed down every book he read during our childhood, there’s no way I would have grown up to actually want to write stories.

So, on his 35th birthday, let me thank Brian Kupfer for not only the SME help he gives me all the time now, but the wonderful gift he gave me when we were kids — the desire and the capacity to love the written word.

What about you, dear friends? Who got you into books? Share the story!

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  1. Trace permalink
    23 November 2010 0743

    Happy birthday to your bro! My parents were the ones who got me into books, since my mom taught English.

    Good post.

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