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Science! (Fiction)

16 November 2010

Here comes a statement that will shock absolutely no one: I really dig sci-fi. I have since I was a little kid, and was introduced to the Star Wars and the original Star Trek series in my blanket-dragging youth.

Star Trek and Star Wars are, of course, gateway drugs, and I got into sci-fi books soon enough, as well. But today’s question isn’t about books, movies, or TV shows — it’s about all three.

Here’s the question of the day — what’s the best sci-fi book to be transferred either to film or TV? Which one stayed the most true to its novel roots? And which sci-fi book do you love that you’d consider unfilmable?

And, of course, we can throw shout-outs to horrible ones, too.

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  1. Trace permalink
    16 November 2010 0810

    I’ve always liked the David Lynch version of Dune. The scifi channel series, not so much, but the original theater version of the Lynch Dune captures the out and out wierdness of the book pretty well.

  2. Nate permalink
    16 November 2010 0819

    Starship Troopers by Robert Heinlen is a really good book, once you get into it. But the Paul Verhoeven movie based on it is a total bastardization. He didn’t even read the whole book, by his own admission. Which is we’ve agreed to punch him every August.

  3. 16 November 2010 0828

    I was actually going to list Lynch’s DUNE as a poor rendition of a fantastic book. It’s just too… David Lynch. It really lost me with all that heart plug business. To each their own, though! Me? I saw the movie first, and it really put me off wanting to read the book. I finally read it in college and couldn’t believe the huge difference. Now, I’d count it among my favorite books, but the movie would easily wind up on a list of ones I wish I’d never seen.

    I really wish Stranger in a Strange Land had been made into a movie in the 60’s. It’d be ruined if anyone tried to do it now.

    I think Blade Runner is a decent adaptation of Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, though that’s a short story, not a novel.

  4. Nate permalink
    16 November 2010 0837

    I’ve heard that an Ender’s Game film is in the works. I could see that one making a decent movie.

  5. 16 November 2010 0938

    I think liking Dune (the David Lynch version) has to do with being a Lynch fan already. I also thought there was a very cool atmosphere that the movie captured, but it wasn’t really that close to the book. It did give a nice flavor of it, though, and I do dig that movie.

    Also, Starship Troopers was a horrible film. I’d love to see it done right, but that’s kind of a pipe dream.

    Stranger in a Strange Land would have been good, but I agree with Heather — today’s Hollywood would mess it up.

    Ender’s Game, you say? Intriguing. . .

    While not directly a port of a sci-fi book to movie, the Wing Commander series does borrow heavily from Larry Niven — and made a horrible, horrible film.

  6. 16 November 2010 1324

    Ooh, and how about a horrible book made into an equally-painful movie: Damnation Alley, anyone?

    • 16 November 2010 2243

      Oh no you didn’t. 🙂

      • 19 November 2010 0818

        Something told me you might be the one other person on the planet to have sat through that thing!

  7. Bri permalink
    17 November 2010 1628

    Dresden files. Didn’t stay close to the books at ALL, but STILL had the vibe. Kinda. I still shoulda been asked to play Harry… if SYFY is looking to re-try……..I’m availiable, lmao

    • 17 November 2010 1942

      Dresden was a fun show — gone too soon, though.

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