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Funktionsgestörte Familien Duel

28 January 2015

Much like Billy Pilgrim, my brain has become unstuck in time today.

I didn’t sleep much last night, so my mind has been wandering all day. For some reason, the first thing I remembered this morning was my high school German competition skit from senior year (1996, when we wore animal skins and beat our enemies about the head and shoulders with mammoth bones). I could remember all of my lines, all of the fight choreography (these skits were a bit involved, but that’s my fault, as I wrote them).

However, I couldn’t remember my password to log on to my work computer for a good minute this morning.

I also remembered the brand, color, and price of the nail polish I used to wear in 1998 (yeah, I was one of those guys, trying desperately to be punk, or goth, or edgy, or something), but I forgot where we keep the coffee.

My brain is in open rebellion today, forcing me to travel through time to the mid- to late-90s. I’ve been able to cram enough coffee into my system to function at work, but just barely.

When your mind wanders, where does it go? Is there a specific time or place your brain pulls you back to?

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