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Scenes from the corporate feedlot

16 January 2015

Yesterday was one of those rare days when I went into the office. My day job affords me the opportunity to work from home, but I do try to show up at the office once or twice a week. (Note that I said try; yesterday was the first time this year I made it across town to show up at my job like a regular person.)

While I like working from home just fine, going into the office has its benefits. Not the least of which, of course, is the awesome food court we have downstairs. With literally tens of outstanding options, I generally end up getting one thing.


That being, of course, a shoe.

This is because I’m old and boring, and because I dig on salad way too much.

But I was also texting back and forth yesterday with a good friend who also works for a huge megacorporation. His lunch options at the office seem limited to a fairly crappy cooler with overpriced, packaged food. It made me realize I’m pretty spoiled at my job, what with all of the free beverages, awesome food, and comfortable working environments.

So I’m interested — if you work for a large corporation, how do they treat you? What are some of the best (and worst) things about your corporate culture? If you do decide to reply via a blog comment, you don’t need to say which company you work for, of course. But the conversation I had yesterday got me thinking of corporate culture, and it’s a thing I might do a thing with. At a time.

See? You can be as vague about where you work as I am about…whatever the hell I just said.

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  1. 16 January 2015 1331

    I work for a large software company serving the travel industry. And…while we have limited options in the building I’m in (unless you go outside and have a wide pick of food trucks that back in between all the buildings), in our main building…the cafeteria is insane! A salad bar like few I’ve seen. Bistro options, vegan options, gluten free, and so many other things. You can eat totally organic if you want, and it’s all pretty affordable.

    Want a sammich? Hop in the sammich line. Want a wrap? Next to the sammich line is the wrap line. Need a sushi fix? Yep, sushi made right before your eyes. It’s pretty badass and good enough that on a day off and running errands, it’s worth stopping in for lunch.

    As far as our general corporate culture, we’re encouraged to blog, speak, tweet, whatever. Only after 2.5+ years have I encountered a person I’m not fond of, and even that person isn’t terrible. Regularly have team lunches and dinners when people are in from out of town. We’re treated very well where I am which is only one of many reasons it’s the best job I’ve ever had. We have a lending library, travel discounts, and other cool things like an on-site emergency care clinic. (Hell, they have a running track through the woods and people walk and run on lunches, hit the showers, and get back to work with good food.)

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