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Shut up, brain, or I’ll stab you with a Q-Tip.

26 August 2014

So here are two things I secretly do every time I get on a plane: assume it’s going to crash, and keep an eye out for UFOs.

Now, I’m a pretty logical person most of the time. I know that, logically speaking, any given flight is so unlikely to crash that the chances are statistically insignificant (right about 5,000,000 to one). I know that the likelihood of seeing a UFO while in flight are slightly better (thanks to drones — remember, I’m just talking unidentified flying objects, not aliens), but not by much. So why do I always do both of these things?

We all have parts of our brains that are in opposition to our personalities, I think. I’m a reasonably logical, thoughtful person, but the second we take off in an airplane, I’m expecting it to crash. I’m not afraid of flying, and I’m not even afraid of crashing, but my brain always politely reminds me that impact with the ground at several hundred miles an hour is a possibility. I’m not chasing UFOs or believing that aliens visit us to mutilate our cattle and steal our women, but my brain always keeps a lookout just in case.

I think it’s this part of our brain, annoying as it is, that helps us be creative. The part of the brain that throws logic and facts right out the window and simply asks “what if?”

So what kinds of things does your brain do that are in opposition to your personality?

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  1. 26 August 2014 0857

    Like you, I do not fear flying. But usually before a flight, I’ll have a dream about a plane crash. Then I just one decided to say to myself when I board a plane, “This is the plane I will die on.” It’s meant in opposition of superstition…because I once mentioned a dream with a crash and was told — in all seriousness — NOT to take my flight.

    I did and, imagine that: I survived! I actually LIKE flying; I’m the weird guy who likes turbulence and FEELING the plane move. (If I think about it, at cruising altitude, I don’t like it because it’s all too still.) I’m friends with several commercial pilots and mechanics, I’ve worked in aviation, so I don’t mind flying. But I will still have that thought of crashing. And, these days, I will tell myself that I will die on the plane I’m boarding because there are people who believe to even so much as think about that means it will happen.

    I’m proof it will not!

  2. 26 August 2014 1438

    Look, you know all about me and aviation. But it is perfectly normal to think about crashing when on an airplane. And yes, *I* said that.

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