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20 August 2014

Do you live in a cave? (Of course you don’t, because wi-fi in caves is notoriously unreliable, and you wouldn’t be able to read this on cave-fi.) If not, then you’ve definitely seen the myriad ALS “ice-bucket challenge” videos on Facebook the past couple of weeks, of which, I am prepared to say, the Foo Fighters have decidedly won.

What I didn’t expect, but should have by now, was the people who came out of the woodwork to decry the entire thing (which has raised millions for ALS research) for any number of reasons, the absolute stupidest of which is wasting water.

To anyone who bitches about how this challenge wastes water: SHUT. THE. FUCK. UP. Not everything on the internet is an invitation for you to shit on it. The amount of water “wasted” doing a good thing — raising money for research on a terrible disease — is less than you personally waste if you water your lawn, which helps no one other than you. If you think the ice-bucket challenge is stupid, that’s fine. If you really are stupid enough to think the pail of water that got dumped on George W. Bush’s head would have otherwise gone to some drought-ridden country and saved a bunch of lives, I guess that’s fine, too. Stupid and wrong, but fine if you think that.

But posting a meme or bitching on Facebook about the waste of water? That doesn’t make the good thing people are doing to raise tons of money for ALS research look stupid. That makes you look stupid.

Angry old man rant #578: over. Sorry, I didn’t sleep last night. I’m cranky.

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  1. 20 August 2014 1134

    I replied to an old friend up north who complained about it. Took the number of YouTube videos with the challenge and doubled it. Factored in an average amount of water used per challenge. Expanded that and figured, liberally, that maybe three Olympic sized swimming pools could have been filled. Which critics would say is a lot, but I know at least the person I replied to plays golf (waste of water…we don’t NEED golf courses)…especially in a region like northern Illinois where there are plenty. This friend eats meat. I don’t care if a person eats meat, but most crops go to livestock and, when it’s all factored together, you’re looking at 29% of the water footprint used so people can gorge themselves on fast food burgers and other things. As you point out, watering lawns. We don’t NEED swimming pools, water parks, and things like that. We don’t need to shower every day, but most of us who go in to a day job do anyway…wasting more water every day than I’d waste doing the ice bucket challenge just once.

    The person I replied to…never replied back. I rarely reply to things like that online, but when I do, it’s focused. I’m going to assume by the person’s silence that it made a point.

    I see things all the time that I don’t get. I see things that annoy me. Instead of fuming and posting about it — giving the thing I don’t like more attention, I turn it off if I can, or step away for a couple days until the next thing blows in.

    Mostly, though, I just do my thing because that’s a better use of energy than ranting online like a sad, old man looking out the front window, just waiting for a kid to step too close to his lawn.

    • 20 August 2014 1148

      I’m not going to pretend that I don’t rant about shit online when it annoys me. This post is evidence of that. BUT I do it in my own digital front lawn, where I make the rules (and never water it).

  2. 21 August 2014 0816

    I dunno, I’m more in the group that says “Just donate 100 bucks and go away”.

    So now what ? IS the next charity doing to do a bucket of manure dump since they’ll have to top ALS/Breast Cancer (who STARTED the ice bucket stuff) ?

    And what happens next year ? Yes.. I’m glad that ALS has raised “awareness” and $ 34M (17x more than last year at this time). But what about next year when some other charity has a gimmic and they’re back to obscurity ?

    In words of the ALS group’s own words, they’re an orphaned disease. Big Pharma doesn’t want to spend research on a disease with so few patients.. Its not “profitable” to them.

  3. 21 August 2014 0819

    I know.. Next year men have to get back/bikini waxes and post the videos to raise awareness for Mail Pattern Baldness ?

    Yes. Its a bit facetious but it where things seem to be going (“what outrageous stunt can we make go viral to get $$$ for our cause ?)..

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