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5 March 2014

My wife and I are crazy dog people. It’s like being a crazy cat lady or crazy cat man, but with two important differences:

  • Dogs, not cats
  • We’re married, not living alone with tons of animals

That second point actually makes us scarier than your average crazy cat lady/man, because there’s an element of shared insanity.

So, this weekend, we added two new dogs to our household, doubling the canine numbers and officially outnumbering the humans in the household:


Met Ziva and Rocky, or, as I call them, Ham-with-Legs and Peter Lorre. Peter Lorre sits on his pillow and glares at everyone most of the day: Ham-with-Legs stares off at nothing and farts. They’re super-talented.

So, if I’m quiet on the internet for a while, I’m chasing these guys around, or chasing my O.G. dogs Sadie and Edie around.

Pseudo-philosophical ramblings and dissections of pop-culture will resume soonish.

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  1. 5 March 2014 1125

    I have a lot in common with Ham-with-Legs…

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