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11 February 2014


It’s still too cold for Texas. It’s also too cold to get my brain to work properly, but I’ll give it a try anyway.

My pal Christopher and I are in Season 2 of our podcast, and something interesting has happened — for the first time in a long time, something I learned in college has turned out to be useful.

I went to school long enough to be a doctor (in South America, anyway), but I actually majored in Journalism. If I’d known how that field would have ultimately turned out, I would have picked something more relevant, like boneshaker repair.


But one thing studying for a Journalism degree taught me was the ability to talk about anything for five minutes to an hour. It taught me to get interested in all sorts of stuff, and how to quickly research any topic and think about it critically. And that’s something I do on the podcast every week.

Still haven’t had to use differential calculus, though.

What about you, folks? Did you pick a major that actually taught you skills you still use (i.e., are you smarter than me [most likely “yes”])? Or did you skip that whole college thing and go straight to work?

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  1. 11 February 2014 1255

    I started out a biology major before leaping to English. I suppose I used some aspects of biology and college life in the last finished novel…but still totally twisted things to my needs. As far as the English degree…a love of reading and writing came long before that, so I can’t really say that, despite paying the bills writing things, that I used the skills I learned as an English literature major. I dropped out before getting a degree.

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