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So… cold…

10 February 2014

I’m about ready for winter to be over. It’s Texas; it should be 68 and sunny right now.

If any of you have friends who make any sort of “I thought we were supposed to have global warming” comments, please slap them. If you’re making them yourself, stop.

Just… warm up, already, Texas. This isn’t what we were promised in the brochure.

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  1. 10 February 2014 1239

    I heard the, “So much for global warming!” thing today at work. I’ve long given up explaining that we’ve had this happen before…that there have been colder days and winters in my time in Texas. I’ve even had to remind friends up north that we used to have snow on the ground from November/December to March/April growing up. I remember snow in May one year.

    Sadly, the same people who say, “So much for global warming, eh?” are silent during some of our hottest summers and ignore the change in world climate. I’ve noticed Stage 1 Water Restrictions signs in several cities…usually don’t see those until summer. But hey, it’s chilly/cold, so…climate change is not a thing because it can’t be felt right this moment! 😉

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