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Facebook thinks I’m a Republican.

7 February 2014

It’s getting to be that time of year when political ads start creeping into our timelines… and though I’ve voted in pretty much every state, local, and national election since I’ve been of age (because I don’t get to bitch about politics unless I voted), I’ve never made a secret of my liberal leanings.

And I know we’re all a little concerned about the loss of privacy thanks to the internet — Target being able to predict a teenage girl’s pregnancy before the girl herself, products marketed directly to us thanks to our web-browsing history and Netflix activity, and so on.

But apparently, we’re quite some distance away from that system being perfect… because Facebook thinks I’m a Republican.


About four times a day, I get ads like that in my feed. At least that one mentions the word “liberal” — most of them don’t. Most of them assume I want to vote for the conservative-est of the conservatives. And I can’t help but wonder why.

Maybe it’s because I’m not on the far left — I’m not railing at GMOs or anything. But I wonder what it is I’m posting to make Facebook think I’m this generation’s Alex P. Keaton.

How about you, folks? Has the Internet ever failed hilariously in trying to market to you?

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  1. 7 February 2014 1202

    I have long embraced the joy of whatever ad blocker I use, so I fortunately don’t seem them. That, and I jumped back on Facebook the last two and a half days and then…logged out again. But in the past (based on ads that were served to me): I’ve been targeted as gay AND as a social issues neocon. I am neither, although I only take offense to being assumed a neocon. Oddly enough, I never saw ads for politicians I probably would have voted for (and probably voted for, anyway).

    • 8 February 2014 2023

      Yeah, but I think the democrats are bad at targeting their base. I *worked* for the first Obama campaign in North Carolina… and only now that I’ve moved to Texas are the NC Democrats starting to email.

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