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24 January 2014

Epiphany time!

OK, for me. Y’all can do whatever the hell you want.

Anyhow, I have friends all over the political spectrum. Every now and again, one from the far left or the far right will post something to Facebook that momentarily makes me question their intelligence. Then I realized: we all do this exact thing all the time.

Sure, some of the more extreme left things (modern medicine doesn’t work, but these herbs cure cancer, and big pharma doesn’t want you to know about it!) or extreme right things (Obama is trying to install a Muslim theocracy in America!) get on my nerves, but I’m sure some of the stuff I post gets on friends’ nerves, too. We’re all victims of the same brain-tampering here — an always-on media that loves playing into our fears and giving us new complexes.

So, for at least this weekend, I’m ignoring the media. If anyone posts a link that says anything about “you won’t believe (x)!”, I’m skipping right past it.

What about you? What’s the most extreme thing lately someone posted that just angered or annoyed you?

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  1. 24 January 2014 1337

    I don’t watch news, and I’m taking a social media break. While I miss some updates, I’m in touch with the people closest to me. I met up with a friend last night for dinner. He talked about Bieber getting arrested, some brain dead woman with a malformed fetus being kept “alive” by keeping her “alive” on life support, and something about an abandoned cruise ship full of cannibal rats drifting toward Scotland. (We then chatted about cannibalistic rat kings…if you don’t know, look it up! It was nice dinner conversation, chatting about a mass of rats bound at the tails eating others.)

    Anyway, got home and took a peek at funny things on Imgur. Saw a lot of screen captures of American “news” sites…all featured Justin Bieber’s arrest as THE story. Then…other sensational stuff. Nothing about the riots in the Ukraine.

    So…I can say with some feeling of confidence–if not a degree of actual confidence–that I made the right choice by stopping all news and taking a social media break. I have to think someone I may not have hidden would have ranted about the woman being kept on life support to keep a deformed fetus alive.

    (I assume people have finally stopped talking about Duck Dynasty at least?)

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