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The future is here… and it’s about 100 feet above the Arby’s.

19 January 2014


From the “late to the party file”: Yesterday, I discovered Welcome to Night Vale.

To be more accurate, I started listening to it yesterday. I’d seen it pop up in my recommended list on Stitcher several times (if you’ve ever wondered who is still using Stitcher, it’s me and like four other guys). I’d heard it referenced on other podcasts. But yesterday, while cleaning, I decided to give it a listen.

I was immediately angry… not at the quality of the show, which is excellent. I wasn’t angry at anyone but myself, because I wished immediately that I’d thought of something that cool. It takes the idea of a podcast and does something different and creative with it. It’s well-written. It’s entertaining. And I wish I’d thought of it.

So, go give it a listen. Even if you don’t dig it, it’s 20 minutes out of your life. Be honest; you were gonna waste those 20 minutes anyway.

I like to share cool things when I come across them. Have you come across (or made?) a cool thing lately? Share it in the comments!

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