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15 January 2014


Thanks to a large remodeling project in my house (which, if you know me in the real world, you may know better as “the only thing Shawn has talked about for the last three weeks, fuck I wish he’d shut up about his stupid goddamn floors”), I’ve been working from home more often than usual lately. That’s a good thing commute-wise, and not a bad thing from my employer’a point of view.

I tend to get quite a bit of work done from home, for various reasons. The commute to get coffee is near zero, getting lunch takes no time at all, and I don’t spend any time getting pulled into interesting human conversations. If I measured these things, I think my work output from home would be higher than when I’m in the office.

And yet, I prefer the office. There’s no logical reason for this; traffic is terrible in the mornings, I have to get up an hour earlier, I’m required to wear pants, etc. The excuse I throw out most often is that when I go to the office, I don’t have to pay for my own coffee (and when you have a habit like mine, that’s a real bonus).

I guess there’s a part of me that likes work and home to be separate things. I also don’t mind that I actually get to interact with humans there; at home, it’s usually the dogs. And the 35-45 minute drive each way gives me time to think.

With more and more places offering a work-from-home option, which do you prefer?

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  1. 16 January 2014 0518

    Right now, I have a mix of both. M/W/F in office and T/TH at home. I would be fine with T/TH in office and three days home, but I can’t complain. I DO like going in, mostly because I like the short drive on back roads and the people I work with. I like the building and the area where I work. Having the ability to focus a couple days at home is nice.

    I no longer want to commute. I used to, and it’s not bad…especially when you can think, listen to podcasts, and just chill. But yesterday I left the office and was home in 11 minutes. That’s from the top of the stairs heading down at work to the bottom of the stairs at the apartment. That heading down into the parking garage, getting in my car, and heading home.

    I hope to never have a long commute again. When I do, I don’t exercise and do other things as much as I do when I’m home or close to work. Again, there’s a relaxing side to it…I don’t mind commuting, especially because I’m usually first in and first out and was rarely locked in traffic, but I love what I have right now.

    • 17 January 2014 1154

      I totally get not wanting to commute, or having a commute that’s less than 15 minutes. That’s always nice; it’s not like you HAVE to be in the car for your brain to work.

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