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Sometimes, there are mornings.

14 January 2014
How about "no?"

How about “no?”

So, I’ve been away from the blog for three weeks. No real reason, no excuse, no horrible catastrophes or fortunate lottery wins. I just took a break. But like sleeping through the night (which I have been working on of late), eventually the morning comes, and you have to wake up.

Or, to put it less metaphorically, a break is great, but then you have to get back to it. Because when you’ve blogged 600 times in the last couple of years, it becomes part of your routine. It defines you in a way. You become a guy who’s a writer/blogger/podcaster (two of those things didn’t exist when I was a kid; but the day-job I work now probably didn’t either).

Some things change, and change all too often. But some things just stick around in your life, whether you’re any good at them or not (I’m OK at the blogging thing, if a little rusty), and even whether you like them or not (for the record, I do enjoy blogging a few times a week). And some of those things that come to define you seem to come out of nowhere — one day, you’re not a blogger, the next day, you are. You don’t see it coming, but you actually miss that part of your life when it’s absent.

Safe to say I’ve missed blogging a bit, so I’m back at it. But what large part of your life just kind of snuck up on you? What did you become that you didn’t set out to?

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