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Radio silence

5 November 2013

I got an email the other day.

OK, I didn’t count, but I’m sure I got a couple hundred emails the other day… but it’s just this one I’m going to talk about.

The email asked if I was OK, because blog entries have slowed way down. I was touched by the concern, but a little amused by the idea. Sure, I used to blog about five times a week, and now I do one or two… but that’s not necessarily an indication that anything’s gone wrong in my life. It just means either I’ve gotten busy (true), or I just didn’t think of anything interesting to blog about that day (also sometimes true). Or it could mean I’m just being quiet for no reason.

As my pal Christopher pointed out in a recent blog entry, no one is paying him to blog. The same is true for me — I write kinda when I feel like it, and write whatever I feel like writing. Sometimes I feel like blogging daily. Sometimes I feel like letting a week or more pass between entries. The frequency of blog entries isn’t a code that needs to be deciphered.

Sometimes, I just don’t have a ton of information to impart. Sometimes, my mind is blank.

It’s OK to go quiet once in a while. We tend to forget that, with the constant stream of information we live with every day, but quiet isn’t a bad thing.

Maybe it’s something I should try more often.

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  1. 5 November 2013 1151

    There are definitely times it all comes and goes for me. Sometimes, between my main site, The Juggling Writer, and Men in Gorilla Suits, I produce 5-7 things a week. Other times, it’s just the weekly episode for the podcast.

    I’m spending less time with social media and more time blogging, but for me…it’s my favorite time of the year to writr deeper things, so a novel has my attention. I’m also trying to cut out a lot of extra things that aren’t necessary. There’s a gathering of podcasters in Irving tonight, with a couple bigger people there and I initially thought, “Should go and schmooze.” But then…if I was like, “Shawn, we should check this out,” we’d probably end up talking more to each other about writing and other things, which we do anyway. So…the potential for something new and possibly cool gets set aside because I know that time with Cynthia, exercising, and writing is always the best way to spend my time. Should you have a burning desire to eat pizza and hang out with podcasters, let me know…I have a ticket 😉

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