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17 October 2013

I haven’t slept much since Monday. And that’s a good thing.

Tuesday, Eddington Press had its first official release, which is also the third book in the 47 Echo Series. It’s called Fear and Anger, and you can get it from Eddington Press, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble as of this writing.

Funfact: Eddington Press is me, my wife, and a couple of contract editors and artists. This is why I haven’t slept much.

When you write a book (and someone else publishes it), you feel like you have a lot of work to do in the weeks leading up to release. When you start publishing books, you suddenly realize that all the work you thought you had when you were just writing is… well, it barely measures.

Then, add in a day job — and if you know where I work, you’ll see that this week is slightly busy. Just a bit.

And here’s the thing — I would not have it any other way. I’m massively busy, and that’s where I’m happiest. I see a mountain or three of work, possibly stuff I have no idea how to tackle, and I smile.

Because this is what I do.

When are you at your happiest, work-wise? Do you like stress, or do you perform better with an open deadline?

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  1. 17 October 2013 1226

    the busier the better, and the more I learn something new while working all the more better. Still, for my work, deadlines are a mix of loose objectives and tight deadends, so can’t complain. Add writing into the mix, and yeah… busy

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