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Hey you! Buy my thing!

8 October 2013

So, the third book in the 47 Echo Series, Fear and Anger, releases in a week. And I think I’ve mentioned it once on the blog.

(Hey! You can pre-order it here! There, now I’ve mentioned it twice.)

I’m not great at promoting my stuff, nor do I do it often. So why would I start a publishing company with a focus on promotion? That seems like a guy who hates snakes becoming a herpetologist.


It’s actually not that I hate promoting. I love it. I just hate saying “buy my crap.” Now, other people’s stuff, I love to promote. I love to take something cool and introduce it to people who might not have found it otherwise.

So, free promo time! If you have something you want to get out there, put it in the comments! Or let me know via email.

Just… no snakes, OK?

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