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Shut it down!

1 October 2013

Aaaaaaaaaaa there’s no government we’re all gonna dieeeeee!


Oh, wait. We’ve been through government shutdowns before? During the Clinton Administration? And we all lived? OK, then. Carry on.

It’s an interesting phenomenon that, during the internet days, a government shutdown is huge news everywhere. It’s not a bad thing that we’re all so connected and informed these days, I guess, but…


Chill out, people. We’ll all be fine.

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  1. 1 October 2013 1254

    I didn’t even know about the shutdown looming until someone mentioned it on Facebook last night in a panic. My news blackout continues to be pretty effective…at least until something becomes a topic of panic on Facebook.

    • 1 October 2013 1502

      Panic is just another side-effect of the polarization of politics in the current sphere. It’s just a bit sad.

      Though there have even some great shutdown jokes on Twitter. So it balances… kinda.

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