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Hello, friend. Have you heard the Good News?

27 September 2013

It’s pretty rare that I’ll come out and support something publicly. Sure, I have plenty of things that I like, but most of those are things you already know about — TV shows, movies, books that have already sold 12 billion copies (I suspect some authors have branched out into selling offworld). But I have a small group of insanely talented friends who make stuff, and I’ll always take a day or two to talk about those things.

This is one of those blog entries.

I know I’ve mentioned Joe Peacock before on the blog (closing in on 600 entries, there probably aren’t many people I know who I haven’t at least mentioned). Joe’s one of those people who’s always doing something cool, and one of those people who makes me feel like a slacker (in a totally great, motivational way). He also writes, and as fans of his work (of which I am one) already hopefully know, he has a book coming out on October 7.

ImageThe book is called Everyone Deserves to Know What I Think: Collected Writings 2003-2013, and you can go preorder your copy from Joe’s site right the hell now. Here’s why I think you should.

Most of the books you can buy, mine included, are generally produced with one simple directive: to entertain people. While Joe’s writing is quite funny and entertaining, his work always contains something that a lot of modern books lack.


If you’ve read Joe’s blog at all, you know he doesn’t shy away from telling stories about himself that show exactly what’s going on inside him — whether that’s feeling great about getting back into shape, or dealing with the emotional turmoil and loss that springs from a divorce. He’s honest, sincere, and, most of all, utterly human

A lot of people try to project an image of who they are to the world, and that image may bear little resemblance to the person who’s actually walking around doing and saying things. That’s not the case with Joe’s work — I’ve known him since 2003, and didn’t actually meet him in person until 2009 (when I went to Atlanta for the release of his second book). When I actually met the guy and shook his hand, I didn’t even realize this was the first time I’d seen him in person — by reading his work, I felt like I already knew him and had hung out with him a handful of times.

It’s so rare that an author — any author — can cause an emotional response in his or her readers, but ask anyone who’s read Joe’s stuff, and they’ll tell you they know the guy. And they’re not entirely wrong — when someone writes stories this personal, this human, it’s hard to feel like he’s anyone other than your oldest friend.

So go be friends with Joe Peacock. Buy his book and get it autographed. If you’ve never read him before, prepare to get to know someone well — someone with an outstanding sense of humor and amazing heart — without ever needing to meet him in person.

And if you do meet Joe in person, don’t let his massive size and full-sleeve tattoos scare you. He’s a friendly giant.


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  1. Kim permalink
    27 September 2013 1315

    You are so right!

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