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We are sending from the future

25 September 2013

So, Fear and Anger went up for pre-order on the Eddington Press site yesterday. I’m really excited for you to read this book, and you might not even have to buy it to do so.


When I’ve done book releases in the past, my publisher has put an ARC (advance release copy) on Netgalley and just basically let reviewers find it. Now that I’m running Eddington Press, I decided to go a different way. I’ll start sending out review copies to a few bloggers and website administrators I’ve selected tonight, but…

Got a website or a blog? Feel like reviewing the book? Get at me, yo. Leave a comment. Shout at me on Twitter. If you’re willing to share your opinion of the book with your readers, I want to send you a copy.

And if you want something reviewed here, as always, contact me.

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