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Oooooh, shiny! Let’s kill it with fire!

19 September 2013

So, I spent two hours of my evening yesterday in severe smartphone withdrawal as I upgraded my iPhone to iOS 7. While that speaks volumes about my technology dependence (which could be an essay in and of itself), that’s not what I’m talking about today.

When something new comes along — a new Facebook layout, or Windows 8, or iOS 7, or Star Trek Into Darkness, or Ben Affleck being cast as the new Batman — you can almost count down from three, open the social media platform of your choice, and be guaranteed to find a good handful of people complaining about the new thing. It doesn’t matter if it’s great (for the record, I support all of the things I just listed) — like clockwork, someone’s going to be outraged about it.

My question is — what the fuck, people?

We all want new things. We don’t really want the same thing over and over again, do we? We don’t want the same thing we’ve had since 1964, just with a new coat of paint… or am I wrong about that?

Progress is supposed to be about moving forward, about change, not about more of the same. Sure, we might have to learn a new thing or six, or keep an open mind about a new take on something we grew up with, but that’s not really such a huge ask, is it? I remember the 90s — weren’t we the generation who prided ourselves on our open-mindedness?

Yeah, I’m kind of picking on my generation here, mainly because people from about 30-40 years of age seem to be the ones I see bitching about new things most often. To be fair — I don’t think it’s not OK for you to dislike, say, Stat Trek Into Darkness (I will think you’re wrong, but I totally support your right not to like something), provided you went into it with an open mind and gave it a chance. Too often, I see people up in arms about a movie, OS, band, or what have you without even giving that thing a shot.

With a few exceptions, I’ve noticed that younger people don’t have this problem. They just want to go see the new RoboCop — they’re not immediately saying it’s terrible compared to the original based on nothing but the trailer.

Come on, people of my generation. I know our knees sometimes hurt in the mornings and we have to count calories just to stay at our current level of overweight, but we’re not dead yet. We’re not even shooing kids away from our porches with brooms yet.

Let’s remember the idealism of the 90s, that place where most of us grew up. Let’s keep our minds open — we might just find a lot of stuff that kicks ass.

And if you try the new movies, apps, music, and machines and hate them? Totally valid.

It’s now on you. Go make something better.

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  1. 19 September 2013 1239

    iOS 7 makes my eyes bleed and all Star Treks since TNG are stinky!!! 😉

    Anything new — I wait. Sometimes I wait to get the new technology…sometimes I wait to warm up to it if I’m not instantly impressed. New manager at a job who changes things? I’ll wait a few MONTHS before saying, “Okay, this person isn’t the person we need in this position.”

    Others, from day one: “This manager sucks! So-and-so did this and this and that,” and this manager is doing that and that and THIS!!!” A while later, “I see why so-and-so is doing things that way…cool!”

    iOS 7 looks weird to me, but…in a few days I won’t notice. I use folders on my iPhone, and I liked access to 12 icons at once instead of just 9. But…I think I can now put more stuff in a folder, and it’s not the end of the world to swipe to get to that app I don’t use that often. Looking at what’s been added to this operating system, I think we come out way on top. Way on top!

    How many times have I read, “Bring the previous Facebook look back!!!” meaning: “The Facebook look we complained about when it came out…we want that back because this new look is not to our liking. But in a year, we will be screaming for THIS version we currently HATE to be brought back when you change things again.”?

    My whole view is there’s enough cool stuff out there. So much that we will not experience it all. So…if you don’t like something (“I hate Christopher Gronlund, that rotten bastard!!!”), you can always find something you like. “Shawn Kupfer is awesome. Much better than that Gronlund guy!”)

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