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I drive.

4 September 2013

Pictured: Not me, probably to my wife’s disappointment.

I just got back from running errands at Target. Not much excitement… for most people, anyway. Me, I’ll take any excuse to get in the car and go somewhere.

Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve wanted to drive. The second I could get my driver’s license, I did. (Well, OK, I got it two days after I legally could, as I failed my driver’s test the first time through.) In the 19 years since I got that license, I’ve driven almost everything with four wheels (plus a few things with more, and a couple with less). I’ve driven beater sedans, $80,000 luxury vehicles, moving trucks, serial killer vans, and motorcycles. I’ve driven i4s, V6s, V8s, and for a short time, a V12. I’ve blasted through the Nevada desert doing 90 in a base-model Aveo. I’ve slow-rolled a Mercedes to the post office. I’ve seen attack ships on fire off the Shoulder of Orion…


Whenever I start to list stuff I’ve done, I always go a little Batty. (Screw you. I’m old. Puns are funny.)

Of course, like most car guys, I have my preferences. There are certain cars I’m not wild about — Toyotas all look pretty boring to me (but they drive extremely well). I like older German cars, 70s American muscle-boats, and early 80s Honda entry-level motorcycles. But put me behind the wheel of almost anything, and I’m only too happy to drive it. Renting cars is sometimes the most fun part of vacations, because I get to drive something I’ve never driven before. 

Drive time also gives me time to think about whatever I’m working on — new stories, screenplays, comic scripts, edits for Eddington Press. I suppose, if you wanted to be hippie and new-age, you could say driving is where I find my zen (but please don’t say that). 

What about you? What simple things do you enjoy, even to a level others might consider irrational?

Now that you’ve answered that question, go do that thing.

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