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Now with Kung-Fu Grip!

3 September 2013

You know how old people (example: me) like to rant that kids today have it sooooo much better than we did as kids? I don’t necessarily believe that, but man, do they have some cool toys.

When I was a kid and wanted to play Army with my friends, generally we had some wack-ass plastic guns and maybe some camo pants (because, as we all know, camouflage pants = badass). Now, if kids want to play soldier, they can tool up…

ImageGet recon on their friends from a few yards over…


And even battle at night, if they’re so inclined.


Full disclosure: I own these. I will turn in my “responsible adult” card at the nearest processing center.

I’m not necessarily one to haunt the toy aisle at Target or anything, but I’ve noticed an increasing level of sophistication and technology to kids toys lately. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing at all, though one could construe the above toy selections to mean that someone is trying to train our kids to become soldiers, or at least put the thought in their brains. Not me, though — I think kids toys are really cool nowadays.

When I was young, the extent of my toy technology was probably a button that made some shit light up inside one of my G.I. Joe vehicles. And while I wouldn’t trade my childhood for anything, it was pretty cool to have toys that were just cool enough to force me to use my imagination. I’m not saying toys today don’t do that — that was the late 90s, where everything in the toy store seemed to be geared towards being “educational” in some way (read: boooorrrrrinnnng).

What about you, folks? What was your favorite toy as a kid? And hey, if you’re into toys now (I know plenty of adults who are), what’s the coolest thing you’ve picked up lately?


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