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I’m that guy.

10 July 2013

When I was in my early 20s, I leased a pickup truck after the car I’d been driving since I was 16 decided to explode. Leasing isn’t the greatest idea in the first place, but it’s especially not a great idea if you’re leasing a pickup — pickups get used to haul things. And mine was no exception.


Truly, it was a majestic machine.

When you’re in college and in possession of a pickup truck, it’s a no-brainer that everyone you know will call you to help them move. I helped people move 60 miles away on my birthday. I helped people move after I’d just gotten off of a five-hour flight. I’ve moved someone while I had a nasty sinus infection. If someone I knew was taking all their crap from one apartment to another, chances were pretty good I was there, loading boxes into the bed of my bone-stock S-10.

Then, after 24 months, the lease was up. I changed up to a Blazer, and while I still got people asking me to help them move their shit, the calls dropped off a bit. When I switched to the car I’m driving now, it was rare that people asked. Not that they never did, mind you, and when anyone asked me to help them move at any time, the answer was always the same: Sure.

It’s one of the things I like about who I am — someone asks me for help, and if there’s any way I can provide it, I do it without a second thought. I say yes to pretty much any request people make of me unless I absolutely cannot do it (physically I’m in another place, or I’m scheduled to get married that day, or I’m in jail… things along those lines). 

But I’m not special in this regard. Here’s the thing I’ve found: most people are like that. If you ask most people for help on something, they’re only too happy to jump in and do what they can. This is especially true of creative folks — writers, visual artists, filmmakers. Ask a writer for an opinion on something, and you’ll get one. Ask them to help you figure out a plot point, and there’s a nice, long discussion on the way.

And that’s really all I’m talking about today — don’t feel like you have to do anything alone. If you’re stuck on something, ask somebody. The worst they can say is no.

Just don’t ask me to help you move today. I’ve got… shit, I’ve got no excuse. Let me change into some other clothes and grab some gloves. 

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