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1 July 2013


Once in a while, I’ll look at the “About” page of this blog and realize that I originally started it to promote 47 Echo (back before it was a series). It’s so rare that I actually do that, though, or really mention anything that I’m working on. It’s not that I’m no good at self-promotion — it’s more that I get a topic in my head and can’t help but blog about it (thanks, OCD!).

But here’s something I really should mention — I’ve started an independent publishing company. It’s called Eddington Press, and I’m happy to report that we’ve already gotten some great submissions. But we need to feed the beast. We need more novels and novellas from talented writers… and that means you.

We’ll be announcing our launch titles and putting them up for presale soon, but there’s time to get on this year’s editorial calendar. Got an alternate-universe sci-fi you’ve tried to submit somewhere else and they didn’t know how they’d market it? That’s our wheelhouse. Got something that defies genre? We’d love to see that, too. Pop on over to and see what we’re about, and if we look right for you, send us an email. 

And hey — even if you don’t have something yet, but you’re working on it, shoot us a pitch. Sometimes, having an audience waiting on the thing you’re writing is all it takes to push you to finish it.

And now, back to work… by which I mean coffee.

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