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For the distinguished taste

15 May 2013


Note: The above image was on the first page of the GIS for “awful movie.” I liked it.

It’s probably no secret that, when it comes to TV and movies, I’ll watch pretty much anything. Moreover, I’ll usually find something to like about everything I watch, because I’m easily entertained.

It would seem, with me watching and liking some part of pretty much everything, that I have no filter that differentiates between quality and taste. It’s not that — I recognize the difference. I can see when a movie is of good quality, but I just didn’t care for it — any of the film versions of Jane Austen movies (or really, the books) fit into that category for me.

Then there’s stuff that’s of a universally shitty quality — a lot of SyFy movies, for example — that I’ll enjoy in spite of (or in some cases because of) the horrible production value, the ridiculously bad acting, and the subpar writing. Sadly, I’ll take Sharktopus over Little Women 99.9% of the time.

It’s not the same for me with books, though. Oh, sure, I can acknowledge when a book is well-written but not to my taste, but I can’t seem to pull any enjoyment out of shitty, badly written novels. The most fun I get out of a poorly written book is making fun of the cover design (bad novels and bad covers are usually a package deal). It’s not that I’m snobbish about genres or types of stories I’ll read (or, let’s face it, write). I think it has more to do with investing more than 90 minutes into something that’s not well-executed.

What about you, folks? Can you be entertained by a poorly written novel? And just how bad does a film has to be before it becomes a waste of time?

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  1. 15 May 2013 1228

    If the movie/book/etc. is “trying” to be “high art” but turns out to be more like “high fart” and can be laughable at its “try” that’s fine.

    There are some eye gouger movies though (“Naked Space” or “Manos Hands of Fate”). However there are some “ways” to make it more bearable (Mist3king the movie for example).

    If it has something “decent” like an original premise that they just don’t quite pull off, then I don’t mind as much.

  2. 16 May 2013 0952

    It’s really interesting how many people I know who like books that aspire to something more and pull it off also love bad movies. I’m sure part of it is I can sit through 1.5 hours of bad special effects and acting, but a book is more of an investment of time. But then I think, “I can watch 10 bad movies, so why not one bad book?”

    For me, it’s the effort. I can sit back and not make an effort to see giant spiders killing people. But to read something really bad…it takes an effort to read. So…I don’t put an effort into bad books.

  3. 17 May 2013 1135

    I LOVE terrible movies! I recently watched ‘Vipers’ with Tara Reid in it…OH DEAR FUCKING GOD IT WAS AWFUL!

    • 17 May 2013 1151

      That’s one I haven’t yet seen… and I’ve seen more giant snake movies than is generally considered healthy.

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