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My childhood is (not) ruined!

8 May 2013


Last night, I saw the preview for the upcoming film version of Ender’s Game. While the preview looked cool and all, it’ll be one of those movies I’ll see eventually, like when it comes to Redbox or Netflix.

It’s not that I’m not a fan of the original story — I am, of course. To me, though, it’s just one of those books that really doesn’t need to be made into a movie. Not for me, anyway.

Let me be clear — I’m not against anyone making this movie. I’m really not against anyone making any movie. I’m not the fanboy who pickets the local AMC multiplex when my beloved favorite novel or comic or whatever is having its premiere. Hey, if you want to make a movie out of a board game, have at it — just don’t expect me to be in line opening night.

Thing is, film is just another way to interpret a story. I tend to like movies that started out as movies, that are written with the camera in mind. Films based on books or comics or anything else can be good — even great — but with some stories, I just don’t get excited when they make the jump to another medium. I’m fine with them living in my head as books.

That said, I did see Iron Man 3 recently, and it was awesome.

What about you, folks? What stories are you perfectly happy to keep in their original context (that is, you feel they don’t need to be made into films or TV shows)? What stories would you love to see make the jump into other media?

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