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D.I.Y., or C.S.E.D.I.?

23 April 2013

About a week ago, Christopher and I talked about going indie versus going the traditional route (as applies to publishing) on our podcast. As a traditionally published author, I presented the pros and cons of the traditional route, but lately, I’ve been working on something pretty indie.

One of the things about going indie is that you end up doing most of the stuff yourself, or with a small group of colleagues. And as I get further and further down the indie road, I keep hearing the words of Homer Simpson when he ran for Springfield Sanitation Commissioner: “Can’t someone else do it?”

If you’d told me in 1999 that, as a writer, I’d have to learn some SQL, I’d have probably said “What’s SQL?” I would have never thought of learning Photoshop, or having to know about ebook formats. But here I am, almost 35, relearning everything about publishing as I work, plus working a day job and trying to write somewhere in there. It’s exhausting.

But that doesn’t mean it’s not worth doing. I’ve often said I don’t think ahead much, but in this case, I have to — and it’s going to be so cool when it’s done, y’all.

What’s the most difficult thing you’ve had to learn for yourself? And did you push through, or just offshore it to someone else (a thought that I still haven’t ruled completely out yet)?

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  1. 23 April 2013 0603

    Since the Web came along (at least the Web as we know it), I’ve taught myself some Unix stuff, PHP, Illustrator and Photoshop…all kinds of things. I’ve taught myself how to format e-books. As the Web has changed, I’ve adapted. Lately, it’s been more about sound and video. And the hard work…it’s worth it!

    There’s definitely a benefit to outsourcing. I know with e-books, there are options, but…I’ve seen most of those options cranking out crap. Lately, though, I’ve seen a few places pop up that do great work at a price I’d consider worth it, so it’s something I’ve considered.

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