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22 April 2013


Ah, Spring. More sunlight, warmer weather, baseball…

Allergies, sinus infections…

Ever since I moved back to Texas in 2011, the coming of spring has heralded mucus, coughing, sneezing, head and jaw pain, and a general plague-like appearance. It creeps up and hits me when I’m not looking — I’ll just wake up one morning feeling awful. It’s happened every year in late April or early May, and somehow I always spend the first day of the weeklong period of general craptitude thinking I’m going to die.

Yes, I’m a complete infant when I’m sick. Most guys I know are.

This year, though, I decided to do a few things differently. First, I didn’t spend the first couple of days lamenting my malady like a character in a Chekhov play. Instead, I made a beeline for the Genaratin (generic Claratin) and put myself on a dosing schedule. Then, instead of just laying around (with more requisite lamentation), I went out and did stuff. I helped a friend move (not the most fun thing in the world with a sinus infection, but it also won’t kill you). I did some podcasts with Christopher (listen closely for bonus phlegm sounds). I got up early and went to work.

There’s a point — often, when we’re working on something creative, we can hit what feels like a major snag. It can stop us dead in our tracks… or we can choose to fix what we can and plow through the rest until we’re out of whatever corner we find ourselves in.

Just don’t help a friend move into a third-story apartment with a narrow-ass staircase and no elevator. That shit sucks.

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  1. 22 April 2013 1155

    I’m glad that even though I gave you an out if needed that you swung by to record. A couple more great episodes, and you don’t even sound too beat up when I gave a quick listen. Like you, at the very least, even if I don’t feel well — I try to do things. If it’s a respiratory thing, I won’t work out, but there’s always time to sit up for a few and write, edit a podcast, whatever. During my last sinus infection (Ah, Texas!) I kept going…maybe taking it a little easier than normal, but not stopping.

    I still don’t know if I would have have moved a massive oak desk up three flights of stairs, but then, you’re still a spry whippersnapper! 😉

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