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Reality is no fun

19 April 2013

If you’ve been anywhere near a TV since Monday morning, you know about Boston; the bombing, the video, the search, the car chase, the manhunt, all of it.

When stuff like this happens in movies or in books, it’s compelling, or fun, or entertaining. When it happens in reality, it’s just tragic and sad. When the 24-hour news networks get a hold of it, you can add “omnipresent” to “tragic and sad.”

And the conspiracy theorists and tabloids have already jumped on it, of course. The Internet and the 24-hour news cycle have destroyed our concept of “appropriate timing.”

I’m not one to comment much on the news, or politics, or any of the hot-button topics, but I will say this: the last week has made me appreciate the fundamental goodness in people when I saw soldiers and ordinary citizens running toward a still-smoking explosion site to help in any way they could. It’s made me appreciate the police and law enforcement we have in this country as they worked around the clock to bring justice to the victims.

Yes, it’s tragic and sad. But at least there are some positives I can take away from it.

Be safe and well, everyone.

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