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For just pennies a day…

17 April 2013

Things that are no secret:

1. I think ebooks should be cheap — like, $2.99 cheap.

2. I suck at self-promotion.

Point #1 isn’t often related to point #2, but on tax day (Apr. 15, for those of you in mythical “other countries”), they collided like two iPhone addicts walking in different directions while texting.

Both 47 Echo and Supercritical have come down significantly in price. They’re not yet the $2.99 I’d love, but they’re only 4¢ more than that.

So, if you haven’t already picked up one or both of them, now might not be a bad time. And hey, if you do, I’ll give you the four-cent difference. (Seriously, see if I won’t — send me an order confirmation and a mailing address and see if four pennies per copy don’t find their way to you).

What do you think ideal ebook pricing should be? Should the lack of print costs pass the savings to the readers?

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  1. 17 April 2013 1227

    I’ve paid more for something that was a $30 hardback at the time, but generally, I’m good with $2.99 – $4.99. It seems weird to pay more than $9.99 for an e-book. Five bucks isn’t much to pay for a novel or good info, but I price all my stuff at $.99 – $2.99.

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