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Up yours, Matt Damon.

22 March 2013


Note: I actually love Matt Damon, almost in a creepy way but not quite.

It’s been suggested that I’m being somewhat disingenuous on this blog, as I generally post positive stuff, or at least try to look for the positive aspects of things. I don’t think that’s disingenuous — I do try to act that way in my daily life — but I would be lying if I said there wasn’t stuff that annoyed me on a day-to-day basis. A lot of it is petty, but as it’s Friday, let’s talk about some things that annoy us and get it all out before the weekend comes!

I’ll start.

  • “I know a lot of you won’t copy and paste this…” And you’d be right. Whenever someone posts something on Facebook that they want me to copy and paste — no matter what it seems to promote or “raise awareness” of — it bothers me a little.
  • Staying in the Facebook vein, when someone shares a picture that says something along the lines of “Name a state without the letter “E” in it! I bet you can’t!” Well, that makes me want to punch something. Yes, I can. I graduated the second grade. I know all the states. Utah, motherfucker. Go find something more worthwhile to do with those four seconds of your life instead of trying to make yourself feel smart because you remember a quarter of your first day in second-grade geography class.
  • Going out into the real world for a moment — it raises my ire when someone treats anyone in the service sector like crap. Examples include dropping something on the floor in a gas station and just pretending not to see it (they pay people to clean that up, right?) or yelling at the kid getting you your coffee that you mis-ordered. Just because someone is wearing a nametag doesn’t mean they’re not people. Everyone makes mistakes, and if you really feel the need to stick it to someone working in a service capacity, you’re probably a horrible human being.
  • Traffic really doesn’t bother me too much, but when a) people don’t use the ramp to get up to freeway speed, or b) they take all the time in the world to merge into a spot I specifically left open in front of me so they could get in, I grumble a little.
  • People (dudes, specifically) who think that saying “yeah, but I’m an asshole” excuses them acting like an asshole. It doesn’t. It just shows us that you’re aware of something we can all see.

Friday afternoon, folks — what bothers you? What’s something that makes you grumble or want to punch people?

(Also, it’s safe to say that if you’re reading this blog, you’re pretty awesome, and none of the above was directed at you. Unless you take forever to merge into traffic on the freeway. Then you’re worse than Satan.)

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  1. 22 March 2013 1229

    Yesterday when I pitched the podcast about Creativity, I almost pitched Pet Peeves.

    My biggie: grocery store clerks who, when on a path crossing a customer, do not yield. Also, people who are obviously pulled over with a cart (good for them) but who just dart right back into the fray as you’re passing them…and then looking at you like you’re the bad guy.

    I always want to say, “If you were pulled over on the side of the road, would you just dart into traffic like you just almost crashed into me?” but I fear their answer would be, “Yes.”

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