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Papa Was a Rolling Stone

19 February 2013

“Rolling stone” can mean a few different things. A proverb for keeping in motion (“gathering no moss”); the rock magazine that used to be pretty great; the band full of walking corpses that still manages to kick ass; the big boulder in Raiders of the Lost Ark. (Please note the large amount of moss in the boulder’s path.)


I guess the usage I mean could best be described with The Temptations song I used for the title of this entry — a meaning of transience, a nomad sort of feeling. Not staying in one place too long. Rolling.

All of the above is a long, overly writer-ish way of saying: I’m heading out of town for a few days. Blogging might be sporadic, or there might be no change. Hell, it might even increase. I can never predict how these things go.

But if you don’t hear from me until sometime next week, it’s cool. Assume I’m alive and well. Unless someone who sounds a lot like me starts posting immediately after this entry — in that case, I’ve probably been cloned.

Which is also fine.

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