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Faster than a speeding motorist

14 February 2013

Short entry today, as I’m currently front-loading jambalaya and fried chicken (no one would suspect I’m a Northerner mostly raised in the Midwest).

First, Happy Valentine’s Day! If you’re under 25, you’re probably grumbling about how it’s just a Hallmark holiday created to mark up flowers and candy to beat you out of your hard-earned Benjamins. If you’re slightly more grown up, you’ve probably realized it’s not a huge imposition to do something nice for your significant other today. If you’re an advertising executive, you’re probably just putting together more sad, cliched commercials about how, if a gentleman comes home empty-handed today, his wife will beat him with a rolling pin (as in the award-winning documentary comic Andy Capp).

Second, podcast episode two, revenge of the podcast is up now (actually it’s called Men In Gorilla Suits: Last Seen… Building Realities). Go give it a listen!

So, where do you fall on Valentine’s Day, folks? Real thing, or someone looked at the calendar in February and thought hmm… looks mighty empty?

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