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4 February 2013

Look, I’m not against remakes. I’m not against reboots, sequels, or re-imaginings. There are some that I’ve loved the hell out of (see Friday’s post about Battlestar Galactica). But there are a lot more that are just unnecessary. Allow me to pick on three innocent guys for a moment:


Many moons ago, I heard that there was going to be an American version of Top Gear helmed by Adam Carolla. I loved the British version of Top Gear (itself a reboot of an earlier, more boring show), and I’m generally positive on Adam Carolla, so I was on board. Not for nothing, but Adam Carolla definitely knows his cars, and could bring his own humor — distinctly different from the guys on the British show while being just as funny — to the table. It was a win-win.

The eventual American Top Gear that came out was… sigh. The worst thing about it is it’s not even horrible, it’s just vanilla and a little boring. It’s a pale imitation of the original, and doesn’t bring anything new or different to the table. It’s… fine, I guess. And when something is just “fine,” it probably doesn’t need to be made. Sometimes, there just isn’t any more that needs to be said on a particular property.

If there’s a reasonable expectation of improving on the original, I’m onboard with a remake, sequel, reboot, re-imagining, or whatever.

If the makers are going to try something daring and different, I’m on board.

If they’re modernizing an old, old tale, I might check it out.

Really, the only thing that bothers me is when something’s not as good as the original, because you already know what it could have been — the original is right there to show you that there was at least a certain amount of potential in the idea.

Of course, TV and movies (and books, lets be honest) are mostly produced not for artistic reasons, but for monetary ones. TV is an advertising delivery system. Movies expect money in return for showing you a thing. They’re designed to pull in money — being good is merely a side effect.

But still, sometimes we get it right, like Galactica or The Dark Knight Rises. So what’s been the best reboot, remake, or re-imagining you’ve ever seen? The worst?

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  1. 4 February 2013 1217

    I’m just sick and tired of “reboots”. Now for something being done in an interesting way (like the SyFy movies Alice and Tin-Man) then OK. Or its being done to redo an old movie (to massively update the effects – i.e.Lord of the Rings), that OK too.

    But with all the crap to just remake it for the sake of making it with the current “hot” actors, NO. That is NOT good.

    I mean, Did we NEED to redo “The Brady Bunch” ? Do we need to redo Barbarella ? Did we need to reboot the reboot of the Spiderman Reboot ?

  2. Bri permalink
    5 February 2013 0647

    I dunno, after having watched the proper Top Gear season premier last night….well….see my facebook LOL

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