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Set Condition One throughout the ship.

1 February 2013

I find it slightly easier to fall asleep if the TV is on for some reason. It’s especially easy for me to pass right the hell out if watching something captivating and interesting, because apparently me wanting to see something is like Xanax for part of my brain. Therefore, I usually end up watching something a) high-quality and entertaining, and b) that I’ve seen before (so I don’t necessarily have to go back and find the point in the story where I fell asleep and pick it up there the next night).

That’s all been a roundabout way of saying that lately, I’ve been rewatching the 2004 reboot of Battlestar Galactica.


I remember watching the original 70s Battlestar in the early 90s, when Sky One got their hands on it and started rerunning it late at night. At that point in my life, the beginning of my love of science fiction, all sci-fi was golden. It didn’t matter to me that Battlestar was made to shamelessly rip off the Star Wars phenomenon, or that it completely went off the rails with Galactica 80 — it was sci-fi, so I loved it.

I’ve gotten older, of course (linear time is like that), and my tastes have matured. The original Galactica hasn’t aged well, and I can see why the reboot was a good idea. For the record, I love the hell out of the rebooted series, even if the last bit was a little touch and go.

But there’s still something of value in the 70s show — it fed my early need for sci-fi, of course, but it also taught me to find something to enjoy in almost everything. Even now, I can go back and watch Gun on Ice Planet Zero and dig it, scars and all.

So what’s your favorite cheesy sci-fi? Does it hold up? Can you still go back and watch/read/experience it today and find something to like about it?

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  1. 1 February 2013 1156

    Does “Quark” count as cheesy sci-fi ?

    OK. What about “Space Academy” on Saturday Mornings ?

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