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I can see I’m going blind

24 January 2013

If you work an office job, you probably have headphones on most of the day. If not, I would like to study your brain to see how it stays sane.

Back in the far-off opening years of the century (read: about 11 years ago), I used to schlep my laptop to work, plug in headphones, and put my MP3 collection on shuffle. Soon, I graduated to my first MP3 player — a Samsung Yepp with an unbelievable 256 MB of storage. Later, I’d have an MP3 CD player, then an iPod shuffle, then a huge iPod classic (which I still use at the gym sometimes).

Nowadays, though, I largely just plug headphones into my iPhone and cue up a streaming app. My personal favorite is Songza, and not only because the mascot is kind of awesome.


Of all the streaming music apps I’ve tried (and I’ve tried many, including lastfm and Pandora), I like Songza the best. It has plenty of oddball stuff — New York punk from 1977 fills more than one playlist — but its real strength is the predictive algorithm it uses to figure out what to play next. It’s introduced me to plenty of new stuff, and it so rarely missteps that I haven’t had to sigh and skip a song yet.

What about you, folks? What’s your preferred music-delivery service? What’s a cool app you’ve found?

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  1. 24 January 2013 1042

    Funny thing is that mascot looks like one of the “victims” in the “dumb ways to die” ( ) I don’t use anything but Amarok (on Linux anyways) and twonky and Myth to stream stuff to my PS3s.

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