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The Coastal Wind

23 January 2013

A little more than a month back, I was driving home from the office, feeling sick. I hadn’t had the greatest day (nothing horrible, just minor annoyances), and I knew I had at least an hour of traffic to sit in before I could just lay down and do nothing.

Then, out of nowhere…

Don't mind me.

Don’t mind me.

My route home is takes me under the airspace of DFW Airport and Love Field, so I usually see something in the sky. But very rarely is it the CH-47 Chinook, the Helicopter That Should Not Be, and my favorite thing in the air. It’s quite frankly ugly, doesn’t look like it should be able to fly, and makes me think someone designed it right before they had to pitch it to the armed forces.

"Good work, Jenkins. Now slap a $25 million price tag on it."

“Good work, Jenkins. Now slap a $25 million price tag on it.”

It’s a huge, goofy-looking chopper, but it’s been a vital component of the armed forces since the Vietnam war — and even in this day of drones and robots, we’re still producing them. They’re large, ugly, and lumbering… and every time I see one of those things Forrest-Gumping its way across the skies, I can’t help but be happy. My right hand instinctively goes up in salute.

As displayed in Figure 1A.

As displayed in Figure 1A.

What about you, folks? What one silly thing makes you smile, no matter how bad your day has been?

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  1. 23 January 2013 0835

    One of our cats. TJ Smiley. A great percentage of the time you look at him he falls over (so Much we’re training him to fall over when you go BANG ! – about 50/50 he does). Then he waits for you to rub his belly.

    He reminds my wife and me of the 1st of our cats (Tuxine Marie, we lost her to cancer back in 2005) – Only he’s got WAY WAY less attitude than she had 🙂

  2. 23 January 2013 1632


    Farts always make me smile.

    Also, years later, I seriously think about this Weekly World News cover, from time to time, and still laugh: We Must Fear Mars!

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