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The Matrix has… that guy. Probably not you, though.

18 January 2013

When I really put my mind to it, I can remember all the way back to 1999. It was at the tail end of this thing we called “the 20th Century,” which is what this thing is talking about:


Back in those days, there was no Internet. OK, that’s a lie, there totally was an Internet, but it kind of sucked compared to the Internet we have now. But there was also a little film that came out that year called The Matrix, and when most people saw it, they lost their shit. Justifiably so, too — no matter your opinion on the sequels, the first film was pretty great.


Then, a few weeks after the movie came out, I noticed something while on the primitive Internet we had back in those days (it ran on animal fat and diesel oil) — there was a small, but growing community of people who thought the film just might be real.

“I mean, bro, I totally know it’s a movie, but, you know, what if something like that really happened? I mean, like, a hundred years ago already? We’d never even know, man. We could be in the matrix right now, bro.”

Some of these people tried to play it off like the hypothetical guy above, but some were completely genuine in believing our world was just a simulation, and that we would one day rise up against our machine masters, probably with Kung Fu and sweet black trench coats. Because Muay Thai totally works when Microsoft Excel acts up.

I get why people believed this — they wanted to believe there was more to this world than their jobs, their routines, whatever. The question of the day — what other films have people latched onto so much that they wished (and kinda-sorta believed) was real? I remember the people getting depressed that Avatar wasn’t real, but can you remember any films in your lifetime that inspired that sort of devotion?

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  1. 18 January 2013 0642

    Well, there are those people who truly want an apocalypse. As we’ve discussed, many of the people who are like, “I’d soooooooooooo kick ass in a zombie apocalypse!” are the same people who whine on Facebook about not feeling well — and many can’t run even half a block to save their lives. So there are those people.

    I think for quite a few people, Harry Potter stuff. Not even necessarily, “Wanna go to Hogwarts!” (although people do want that), but the old hook of, “There are secret portals to magical places, and I like the thought of that ’cause my job filing stuff and answering phones is not an inspiring thing.”

    As a kid, it was books. A Wrinkle in Time, followed by The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. I wanted portals to other places where I could prove myself as more than just this geek who was ignored or picked on. I wanted something bigger than what I had. I think I was 12 when Time Bandits came out? I wanted to be Kevin more than anything in the world.

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