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State Of The Union (Writers and Pipefitters Local #305)

14 January 2013

Though I’ve been avoiding this kind of post for a while, I think it’s about time for a state of the union, or at least a look at where I am in the current term.


I haven’t done updates on the status of my projects for a while, and there’s a reason for that. Shortly after the release of Supercritical last year, I ended up getting very, very depressed. Writing output soldiered on for a while, then fell over around September and didn’t get back up. Everything I was working on came to a dead stop.

That’s slowly changing now. I’m getting some work on some projects done — slower than I’d like, but just like getting back in shape, it’s a process. It takes a little time. But here are some status updates:

The Twitter Novel Project: Not dead, just sleeping. I will get around to finishing the current story this year, but I’m not sure what the future holds for the project in general.

47 Echo 3: This one is nearly done, actually. Parts of it are some of the best bits I’ve ever written. Parts of it need a little polishing.

Secret projects: Secret projects are secret. But moving forward.

So that’s where I’m at. What about you, folks? What’s on your slate for this year?

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  1. 14 January 2013 0830

    1) NOT killilling any co-workers (despite how much they scream their bloody painful death) – they dislike cleaning the blood from cubicle walls and there’s not enough wall space for moron developer’s heads.
    2) Trying to teach developers the PROPER way to design their code by failing everything that does NOT work properly (making their schedules get screwed int he process.

    It is a pain when I’m working with supposedly “Senior” level programmers who can’t create consistent code if their genitals depended on it. As a “TC” (Testing Coordinator) I’m limited in WTF I can do about it though. I’m fighting as best I can.

    The rest of the year I’m in “Try to get automated testing implemented” mode.

  2. 14 January 2013 0849

    1) First draft on a new novel.
    2) Releasing a completed novella as an e-book.
    3) Maybe a short story collection as an e-book.
    4) Figuring out what to do with the novel that has agents saying, “Love it, but…too quirky!”
    5) Doing a podcast with this guy I know.

    As far as the funk, it really seems to be behind you. I hope podcasting and other things like that can satisfy the need to make something new and get it out there, while not feeling as daunting as another novel and another novel and another novel. I admire how much you produce, but I’m glad you were able to step back from it all for a bit and regroup.

    Regrouped Shawn is Mighty Shawn! 🙂

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