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That’s a white Christmas, with white problems. You deal with it.

26 December 2012

When Lisa and I woke up yesterday morning, it was raining. I wasn’t too shocked — it had been storming out when I went to be around 2:00 that morning, and it’s not like we didn’t need the precipitation (for those of you who haven’t been to Dallas, it’s just safe to assume we’re always under drought conditions).

Then, not long before noon, Lisa directed my attention to the kitchen window, where I saw that it was, indeed, a White Christmas.



In a city that’s equipped to deal with snow and ice, this inch to inch and a half of snow wouldn’t be a big deal — it wouldn’t even move the needle at the local OMG EYBODY PANIC center. However, we live in the Dallas Metro, so there have been a couple of hundred traffic accidents so far.

I learned to drive in blizzards when I was 16, and have taken many a dodgy rear-wheel drive pickup truck out on days when the news advised everyone to stay home unless it was life or death — but in those situations, the other drivers on the road had the same winter driving experience I did. I wasn’t so sure about Texas drivers, so I decided not to risk the Interstates this morning and took a day off.

Once in a while, I’ll write a blog entry without much point to it — this is one of those. But I do hope all of you had an outstanding Christmas or holiday of your choosing! Let’s meet back here tomorrow and talk about Firefly or something.

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