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Let’s Wallow in the Mediocrity of Sub-Par Art

14 December 2012

My wife, to my knowledge, had listened to exactly one and a half podcasts before last night, both of them episodes of Nerdist (because we were going to see the Nerdist group live). I guess you might-could (North Carolina word) push that to two and a half, technically, as they did record the one we went to see live — it just hasn’t been released as of yet.

Last night, though, I sat down with her and played her an episode of my new favorite thing, How Did This Get Made?, a podcast from Paul Scheer and Jason Mantzoukas from The League and June Diane Raphael from Party Down.


It’s about the best show I’ve stumbled across in a while. The basic premise is they pick a film — usually a bad one, but not always — and have a guest discuss the movie with them, picking apart its weaknesses and baffling movie-logic. It’s a simple idea, but with these people behind it, it’s amazingly funny, especially when the film they’ve picked is just terrible (Judge Dredd, Jaws 4, and Batman and Robin have been a few of my favorites).

Sometimes, though — and I’ll admit this — I find things hilarious that other people don’t even find clever. That’s where my wife comes in — if she and I both find something funny, then it’s pretty much guaranteed comedy gold. We listened to the episode for Liz and Dick, the horrible Lifetime movie with Lindsay Lohan and some random British actor who I just felt sorry for because he was in a movie with Lindsay Lohan. We picked that episode to listen to as we’d watched the film together, and it truly was terrible. The podcast kind of made the time we spent watching that awful excuse for a film worthwhile.

So today isn’t a post about writing, or creating a thing and getting it out there (though it could be — Paul Scheer and his friends definitely did that). It’s simply something I found on the Internet that I loved, and that I want to share with you.

Have a great weekend!

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