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Into Reboot

7 December 2012

Unless you’re living under a geek rock, you probably noticed the Star Trek Into Darkness trailer made its online debut yesterday. And depending on your level of geekitude, you might have seen both the trailer and the Japanese variant before most people were awake yesterday morning (guilty).

There’s been a response online, and from what I see, it’s mostly positive. Myself? I thought it was pretty badass. But I get the people who are having a negative reaction to it, and I don’t completely discount their reasoning.

Star Trek isn’t what it used to be — it’s been rebooted into a darker, punch-fighty-er, explody-er action movie franchise that happens to take place on a starship (or not, as most of the trailer scenes seem to be planetside). It’s not about exploration, or strange new worlds anymore. It’s about action at the expense of story, man!

And no Star Trek movie has ever done that before.




Truth is, apart from the very first Trek movie, most of them have been action films. Picard went from a diplomat who wanted to talk everything out to a guy who would grab a phaser rifle and start shooting everything in sight. Kirk went from an explorer to someone who kicked Christopher Lloyd off a cliff into some magma. It’s just how the movies roll. The fact that the characters are much younger now — and thus capable of actually doing some stunts — pushes it over the edge into action-movie territory. And I’m kind of fine with that.

Reboots and sequels aren’t always great, but there is something great about them — unless we’re talking about George Lucas here, nobody is trying to take the original away. They’re just making their vision of it — if you hate the new Star Trek films, Paramount is totally willing to sell you Blu-Ray box sets of the original series. You get to choose your flavor of Star Trek, and I think that’s pretty cool.

So what was your favorite version of Trek? Your least favorite?

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