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… but you may address me as the lowly Squire of Gothos.

29 November 2012

Fair warning: Nerdy analogies ahead. And not cool, trendy, “I’m a nerd LOL.” This is more “I wear sweatpants exclusively and watch my VHS Star Trek bootlegs obsessively.” (AKA me at age 13.)

So, while listening to a Star Trek podcast this morning (see, the nerditude is already starting), an analogy occurred to me. Writers, at least the ones I’ve known, are essentially all this guy (generally — but not always — with less impressive sideburns):


If you’re not up on your Star Trek from the 1966-67 season, that’s Trelane, the Squire of Gothos. He’s a seemingly all-powerful being who takes great pleasure in messing with the Enterprise crew. He manipulates reality — or, really, creates his own version of reality — with a machine hidden behind an expensive-looking mirror. At the end of the episode (46-year-old spoilers!), it’s revealed that Trelane is a child, and a spoiled brat to boot.

See the parallels, writer pals? Keep in mind, this applies to me as much as — if not more than — anyone.

We writers create our own reality (worldbuilding) with the help of our machines (laptops, pen and paper, typewriter*), and delight in messing with the crew (our characters).

As for the spoiled brat bit? Trelane is revealed as such when his parents show up and point out what he’s doing wrong. Ever see a writer when the first round of edits come in from his editor? Same thing.

Either knowingly or coincidentally, Paul Schneider (who wrote this and Balance of Terror) created a character that perfectly mirrored every writer I’ve ever known, myself included.

So, who is the best representation of a writer in film? Which characters are the best analogy for the writing process?

*Side Note: Anyone know if you can actually buy a new typewriter anymore? Like, just walk into a Staples or something and get one off the shelf?

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  1. 30 November 2012 0627

    Damn, I wish I could grow decent sideburns.

    But why bother when this has existed?!

    • 30 November 2012 0630

      No matter what I achieve in life, it will always pale in comparison to these sideburns.

  2. 30 November 2012 1305

    Why does part of me think that he’s Q’s child ? I mean he’s obnoxious enough.

    • 30 November 2012 1311

      There was a novel that put forth that Trelane was a juvenile Q. It’s not a huge leap — the mirror is the one thing that gives me pause. But the attitude and theatricality sure is a match.

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