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26 November 2012

I finally got around to seeing Skyfall this weekend, and I can definitely say it’s well worth the watch. I won’t spoil it (too much), but there was a bit near the end that I found interesting in a totally nerdy way.

There’s a fan theory on the Internet that James Bond isn’t 007’s actual name — that it’s a code name given to the active 007. This theory explains why there are different actors playing the role over the course of half a century, and it makes a lot of sense…

Or should I say it made a lot of sense up until Skyfall happened. Now, thanks to one tiny bit on a gravestone, these are all the same guy.


While the fan theory made the movies make sense in a real-world context, it’s not a huge deal that the movie actively disproved it. The movies are, after all, fiction — they don’t have to obey real-world spacetime laws if they don’t feel like it.

Still, when something gets popular in the geek set, fan theories are inevitable, and this one was pretty popular. It was also the first time I can remember where the canon work came out and said “no, that’s crap” pretty explicitly.

So what’s your opinion, folks? What’s the best fan theory out there (in any genre)? Which is the worst? And what was really in Marcellus Wallace’s briefcase?

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